Quirky RPG Ray Gigant Is Now Here for PS Vita

Posted by at 11:59 am on May 5, 2016

Ray Gigant is now available for PS Vita in North America and Europe as a download title via the PlayStation Store. It costs $29.99 / €29,99.

To celebrate the release of the Experience-developed dungeon RPG, publisher Acttil has released a launch trailer, as well as more information introducing the game’s three stories, and a plethora of features.

Check out the launch trailer above, game details are as follows:

■ Story Settings for the Three Main Characters

Ichiya Amakaze’s Story
Outer Sector – Shinjuku Special Administrative Academy

Located in Tokyo’s ruins is the “Outer Academy,” which was established by Nanashiro to be the frontlines of defense against the Gigants. All the candidates to use the Yorigami/Kurogami were students, so it was built under the guise of being an “educational academy.” The base is built atop a department store and is structured with shipping containers put together to form the academy. Located deep underground is the Sync Room where the Yorigami users would recalibrate their syncs with the Yorigami being used.

Note: The “Kurogami” were made from the Yorigamis as clones. They don’t hold the intelligence of the Yorigamis, and can only act as weapons. Use of Kurogamis are limited to a few, but there are more of them in comparison to Yorigami users.

Kyle Griffin’s Story
Holy Rock

A military base and research facility built to be a base against the Gigants. Operation of the base is handled by Annie Third, thereby minimizing the manpower necessary to maintain the base. With the attack from the Gigants, the location has now become the frontline of defense to Europe.

Nil Phineus’ Story
Sea King

After the destruction of the fleet guarding the Atlantic, the Sea King was refit to be a secret base to guard the frontlines to the United States. The location is beautiful with pristine waters and coral reefs, but as to why it was chosen as a base is unknown.

■ Mysterious Lifeforms Supporting Mankind

Like Gigants, Yorigamis are lifeforms unknown to man-kind. They are highly intelligent and can converse with humans in their language. By co-existing with humans, Yorigamis are able to fight against Gigants. However, not all humans can infuse Yorigamis into their body. Only a select few in the world are able to do so.


Kagutsuchi is Nanashiro’s Yorigami. During battle it attacks with its sharp nails. Kagutsuchi is the eldest of the Yorigami and is the survivor of the ancient wars.

■ Explore the Dungeon Inside the Megalosite

In Ray Gigant, the story progresses by exploring and clearing the various dungeons called Megalosites. There a number of these dungeons and players will explore them on a 3D map.

Inside the Megalosite you will be doing the following:

  1. Battle Gigants
  2. Gain Resources for the Evolve Tree
  3. Solve gimmicks to go deeper into the Megalosite
  4. Events that occur within the Megalosite
  5. Battle boss class Gigants

In Ray Gigant the location of enemies and items are revealed upon entering the dungeon. You can check out the dungeon map and come up with your own strategy to accomplish the mission. Whether you avoid enemies and hunt for items, or battle every enemy within the dungeon is up to you!

■ Battles Again the Gigants

In dungeons, players will encounter 4 different types of enemies. Enemy types and location information are provided upon entering the dungeons, so players can strategically plan ahead to defeat these enemies. Whether you avoid difficult enemies for later or go head on from beginning to gain more experiences is the player’s decision.

Enemy Types

  • Normal enemy types: Yellow enemy symbols indicates a normal enemy encounter. Meaning there are no advantages or disadvantages to the player.
  • Light enemy types: Blue enemy symbols indicates enemies that requires only half of the AP to fight them. This means the player is able to take more actions per turn than usual.
  • Heavy enemy types: Red enemy symbol indicates enemies that requires double the AP per turn. Players will have to spend double the amount of AP to take any action per turn, so the battle will be more difficult.
  • Deadly enemy types: Deadly enemies are essentially boss class Gigants. Players will regain more AP per turn than usual.

■ Learn New Skills and Increase Stats

Within the “Evolve Tree” there is a “Command Tree”. By spending Resources, players can learn new skills and abilities that will help during battles.

Learning new skills and abilities are not in chronological order, so players can decide what abilities they want first depending on the stage they are in. Some people may want defensive abilities more than offensive depending on the types of enemies they are currently facing.

Some of the offensive skills you can learn are “Thunder” and “Ice” attacks which have elemental properties. *Choose according to enemy elemental weaknesses!

Within the “Evolve Tree” there is also the “Physical Tree”. Unlike the “Command Tree” this is mainly to strengthen your character’s physical abilities. It is divided in to power, magic, and technique. Power increase attack, defense, and HP. Magic will increase spell damage, and defense. Technique will increase your accuracy and evade rate.

■ Unleash the Slash Beat Mode

Slash Beat Mode, aka SBM, is a special skill that can be unleashed by spending Slash Points (SP). Normally you are only able to execute an action 5 times per turn, but by using SBM you can execute a command over a 100 times.

Once you execute SBM the scene will change to a screen that features rhythm themed displays. Here a number of spheres will appear. Players will press the corresponding buttons as these sphere moves into the rail. The more successful button presses you make, the more attacks you will execute after SBM ends.

When you successfully execute SBM your character will fuse with the Yorigami, which is his or her weapon, and transform into a God like being. After transformation, your character will become much more aggressive and beast like.

■ Ally Characters – Kyle’s Story

Peggy Walter
Sea King Crew

She acts as support to Ezekiel, and works as mainly an operator for Sea King. She has a tendency to speak with lack of concern and indifference, but it also seems as if she is keeping a keen eye on Ezekiel for some reason…

Alan Mallet
Commander of Holy Rock

The commander in charge of Holy Rock. He was the leader of the force Conner was assigned to, and fought many battles, surviving them all with wit and wiles. It seems he holds a piece of information in regards to the Gigants, and gives suspect orders based upon whatever he is holding back from Kyle and the others.

Annie Third
Strategic AI

An AI system operating Holy Rock. She is built using man-made parts, but her data and knowledge were designed based off of the information the Yorigamis held. The first “Annie” existed since the establishment of Holy Rock, and with each upgrade, she gradually became the current “Annie Third.” As to how she works and who originally created her is unknown.


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